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No need to wait on hold when you have questions. Taxbrain support is just a click away. Our Live Chat support team can answer your tax questions and help you get the most out of online Taxbrain.
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Getting income tax return help is easy and secure. Taxbrain allows you to send income tax questions via secure Web Email. Tax questions receive a response within 24 hours, with the majority of questions answered much sooner.
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Taxbrain's in depth Knowledgebase is available to help you with your income tax return preparation. Taxbrain's Knowledgebase contains helpful tax law information and line-by-line instructions to help you every step of the way.
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Available: (January 16 - April 15)
Monday - Saturday 6 AM - 11 PM (PST)
Sunday 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM (PST)
Telephone: 1.866.TAX.BRAIN or 1.866.829.2724
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After Tax Season: (April 16 - January 1)
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 4 PM (PST)
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Use our tax calculator to get an estimate of your tax refund or amount you owe.
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1040 EZ $14.95
The most basic return for single or married taxpayers with no kids.
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1040 Basic $19.95
Designed for taxpayers with dependents, taxable interest, EIC, etc.
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1040 Deluxe $39.95
Supports AMT, itemized deductions, capital gains, S-Corp, etc.
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1040 Premium $69.95
A robust package for small business filers, rental owner, self-employed, etc.
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Taxbrain calculations are 100% guaranteed.
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"I like that I can get my taxes done at anytime of day. No waiting list or appointments just me and Taxbrain."

Andrew P.
Massena, NY.
"The on-line help was quick and they answered all my questions. Iíve never been questioned yet by IRS after 4 years of using your online service!"

William B.
Willisburg, KY.
"Taxbrain has always been fast and got me a higher refund that I expected to get."

Audrey M.
Palm Coast, FL.
"This is my 4th year using Taxbrain and I am very pleased with your service. I even have my sister using you guys every year!"

Janice S.
Hayward, CA.
"Taxbrain is relatively easy to use, provides on-line chat assistance for free, and is reasonably priced, I love it."

Jean S.
Oakland, CA
"I have used Taxbrain for the past 7 years for my all IRS needs and Iíve never been disappointed."

John H.
Sparks, NV.
"Taxbrain exceeded my expectations in service and ease of use to file my federal and state taxes. It is economical also."

Harry P.
Sunnyvale, CA.
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